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Bin Collection Murphy's Cleaning and Gardening

Order your Bin Collection Cork and Bin Collection Kerry Services,  depending on your county, with just one click.
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We can also collect your waste as a “One Time Service” if you missed your “Waste Collection Schedule” and you need a bit of clean-up, or if you had an event and need some extra help.

Choose between our Collection Sizes and our Bin Types

We collect Waste, Recycling, Organic and Glass Bins.

Bin Sizes:

140 Lt

240 Lt

360 Lt

660 Lt

1100 Lt

In Murphy’s Cleaning and Gardening our customers and the environment are our priority.

This is why our Collection system complies with all Waste Collection Regulations and all Health and Safety Procedures.


FAQ on Waste

Q- What items classify as waste?

FAQ on Recycling

FAQ on Organic

FAQ on Glass

Hire your Bin Collection Online

For your 140 Lt, 240 Lt & 360 Lt just click and hire.
For your 660 Lt and 1100 Lt Collection send us a message.
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